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Posted by Lauren Nichols on Nov 27, 2017 8:52:12 AM
Lauren Nichols


Okay, yes Get On The Good Foot is a "Funk" song by James Brown but, I want to talk to you about a different kind of "Funk", your FEET.  Feet remind me of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears...Some feet are too soft and fufu, some are hard, crackly and weird and some are just right! 

We here at OrderFloors.com don't want you messing up your beautiful floors by walking around with corns and calluses and Cinderella forbid, there be any fungus among us. I am not just talking to the women in the room, most of you guys need some intense foot care. I am always happy to see the husband and wife teams at the nail salon together. It is winter and your wife or partner doesn't want to feel your craggy feet under the covers.  

All kidding aside, foot health is more important than you may think. One fourth of all of your bones are in your feet and are attached to 60 joints, and more than 200 muscles, tendons and ligaments. Your feet are far away from your heart but need good blood circulation. Diseased like peripheral arterial disease (PAD), and diabetes can cause reduced blood flow in the feet. Everything in your body is fed and kept alive with oxygen rich blood...no blood, then tissues like skin begin to die. Other less dangerous but, painful or annoying conditions can effect your feet. 

  • Bunions (misshapen joints in the big toe may or may not cause pain)
  • Neuromas (painful growths on nerves)
  • Athlete's foot  (fungal infection that is a form of ring worm and cause redness, peeling, itching and dry skin)

Here are a few DIY hacks and some gift giving ideas you can use to keep your feet healthy! Check ou these links to find some therapy for your feet.

For those of you who are too lazy to DIY or just prefer a little more relaxation, obviously a nail salon or spa would be ideal. Make sure you check out the salon before you go running in- here is how to pick a reputable nail salon Picking a Nail Salon

Gift giving is a great way to hint to your partner that they need to take better care of their feet! 

  • Gift Card to a Great Salon or Spa
  • 2017 Top Foot Bath- Best Home Foot Bath
  • Foot Massager (Always check with you doctor before getting a leg massage or using a massager. It may be contraindicated for certain circulatory diseases especially if you have a history of blood clots) 5 Most Popular Foot Massagers
  • Best gift of all is a new soft Luxury Vinyl, Engineered Wood or Laminate Floor!

So Get On The Good Foot and get that floor you have always wanted!


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