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High End Style Flooring + High Tech Design = COREtec

Posted by Lauren Nichols on Nov 9, 2017 3:39:07 PM
Lauren Nichols

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The back door flies open, in come the kids and the dog, bypassing the "mud room", leaving a trail of melting snow and mud across the living room. Meanwhile, in the laundry room, your washer has decided to go rogue and gush water all over the floor.  Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, you hear your teen son yelling from the kitchen.  He meant well by trying to run the dishwasher but, unfortunately, he doesn't  know that dish washing liquid is a No-No and there are suds everywhere. Maybe, you can handle these everyday catastrophes but, can your floors?


Why Choice Is Important

Let's just get the hardwood question out of the way...doesn't everyone want hardwood floors?  Maybe, but let's face it, hardwoods are expensive and they just aren't meant to stand up to everything we throw at (on) them today. Just think about it, when hardwood floors were first used in homes there weren't a lot of choices (dirt, rock, wood, animal pelts)...also there was none of this fancy pants indoor plumbing to go haywire and ruin everything. The great thing about technology is that it has given us more choices.  When it comes to flooring, more choices equal a better fit for your lifestyle, sense of design, budget and home. 

So let's talk about a great flooring choice that can solve those pesky "problems" i mentioned in the beginning.  100% waterproof flooring...COREtec to the rescue! OK, so it doesn't clean up those messes by itself but, it does make it a whole lot easier and won't turn into to a real catastrophe by ruining your floors. COREtec is a great choice for families with kids, pets, or messy grown-ups. How does COREtec live up to this promise? 

Plank Construction

COREtec is rigid core luxury vinyl constructed in 4 layers.  The the first layer is the clear wear layer 0.5mm/20mil that protects the plank. The second layer is the beauty-luxury vinyl that mimics hardwood with color, grain and texture so well that often people think it is real wood. The center rigid core is a the COREtec patented combination of recycled limestone, wood and bamboo dust and virgin PVC. The last layer is the attached cork underlayment.  

coretec layers.jpg

But what does all of this mean to me, you ask...

The Best Part Of COREtec Engineered Luxury Vinyl?  

It's Worry Free!

  • 100% Waterproof even if submerged (even after a flood COREtec can be picked up, allowed to dry and reinstalled) Install in any room including the kitchen, laundry room and basement!
  • Robust wear layer = no sealing, stripping, polish or refinishing
  • Widest selection of luxury vinyl wood patterns
  • Detailed embossing and beveling for the most realistic look and texture of wood
  • Wider planks for endless design options
    • 5" Planks come in several patterns and colors like Gold Coast Acacia and Boardwalk Oak
    • 7" Planks also come in a wide variety of dark to light colors with some beautiful grey and white washes like Hudson Valley Oak and Blackstone 
    • Designer planks are Multi-Tonal planks which also come in different widths giving your floor character and depth-Exposition Oak and Fossil are great options
  • Rigid Core means you can float COREtec over any existing hard surface even over ceramic and the uneveness of the subfloor won't show! 
  • Angle Tap System means no glue or nails etc just easy to install
  • Attached Cork Underlayment means you will have flooring with a softer, quieter, warmer touch and naturally resistant to odors, mold and mildew.  
  • Asthma and Allergy friendly flooring
  • CARB Compliant and GreenGuard Gold Certified means low chemical emissions for a Healthy Happy Home!

Create the beautiful look you've been wanting without the headache and worry-get COREtec!





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