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Life Has Its Little Spills...Waterproof, Worry-Proof

Posted by Lauren Nichols on Oct 8, 2017 7:20:07 PM
Lauren Nichols


When homeowners decide to update the look of their homes they are also looking to add value.  What could be more valuable than hardwood floors? Many of us dream of the warm tones of a classic hardwood floor, the reclaimed wood floor look or even a clean modern look. For sure, wood floors are beautiful and add value to your home however, there are several considerations you need to take into account before you pull the trigger on wood floors. 

Hardwood vs. Environment and Lifestyle

Hardwoods have a few characteristics that you may not be aware of. These characteristics can determine whether or not wood flooring is an option for your home.  Here are a few good to know tips about hardwood flooring: 

  • Expands and shrinks with changes in humidity-not suitable for kitchen, bath, laundry or other rooms where there is a possibility of standing water
  • Not suitable below grade (basement also known as the "man cave")
  • Noisy and cold (it is hard and does not have a cushioned underlayment)
  • Needs proper sub-floor (concrete is not a good sub-floor)
Not to worry, there is good news too. You have options!

Waterproof flooring to the rescue!

If you have any of the above environmental, structural or lifestyle factors, you may want to consider Waterproof Flooring. I know, you had your heart set on real wood floors. The good news is you can still get that hardwood look with the benefits of waterproof flooring. In fact, you have more choice in the styles and colors of wood including exotic or rare wood species. Waterproof flooring also called Luxury Vinyl Tile Plank or LVT Plank comes with a host of benefits: 

  • Use above, on or below grade (yes, you can rock Luxury Vinyl in that "Man Cave")
  • Great for use in your mudroom, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, sun room (waterproof and fade resistant)
  • Look of real wood through HD photography, beveled edges and embossing for texture
  • Softer and quieter under foot due to the attached backing (Cork backing is common)
  • Installs easily over most existing floor surfaces or substrate

What to look for in Luxury Vinyl Planks

If you have decided that floor replacement is on your list of "to dos", why not get the best of both worlds, the beauty of wood and functionality of waterproof flooring. Look for brands like CoreTec that have GreenGuard or Floor Score Certification indicating the products meet the highest standards for indoor air quality and are safe for all of the members of your family.  The best brands will also have a stable core,meaning no shrinking or swelling- additional characteristics may include: 
  • Attached Underlayment (Cork adds soft, quiet, warm feel as well as being, mold, mildew and odor resistant)
  • Easy DIY lock together/angle tap (glue is only needed in special areas like radiant heat floors) Never use nails on vinyl!
  • Options for various plank widths and lengths
  • Make sure it says 100% waterproof and not water resistant (that's the difference between Messy Marvin spilling his milk and Dad playing plumber!)

Good quality Luxury Vinyl Plank WaterProof Flooring is easy to install, care for, will last for 20 years or more, adds value to your home and gives you peace of mind-Life has its little spills...Waterproof, Worry-Proof!






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