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Posted by Lauren Nichols on Nov 27, 2017 8:52:12 AM

Okay, yes Get On The Good Foot is a "Funk" song by James Brown but, I want to talk to you about a different kind of "Funk", your FEET.  Feet remind me of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears...Some feet are too soft and fufu, some are hard, crackly and weird and some are just right! 

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Topics: Flooring, Foot Care

Indoor Air Quality: Is Your Home Trying To Kill You?

Posted by Lauren Nichols on Nov 15, 2017 6:03:44 PM

Indoor Air Quality

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Topics: Indoor air quality, Flooring Compliance Certifications

A Look Inside Laminate Flooring

Posted by Tamora Burk on Nov 10, 2017 3:20:28 PM


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Topics: Laminate,, floating floor

High End Style Flooring + High Tech Design = COREtec

Posted by Lauren Nichols on Nov 9, 2017 3:39:07 PM

The back door flies open, in come the kids and the dog, bypassing the "mud room", leaving a trail of melting snow and mud across the living room. Meanwhile, in the laundry room, your washer has decided to go rogue and gush water all over the floor.  Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, you hear your teen son yelling from the kitchen.  He meant well by trying to run the dishwasher but, unfortunately, he doesn't  know that dish washing liquid is a No-No and there are suds everywhere. Maybe, you can handle these everyday catastrophes but, can your floors?

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Topics: waterproof flooring, CoreTec

Making The Cut

Posted by Tamora Burk on Nov 4, 2017 2:15:18 PM


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Topics: Making Hardwood Flooring

Name That Wood!

Posted by Tamora Burk on Nov 2, 2017 4:06:16 PM

Tired of not knowing your ash from your oak?  There's an APP for that! Whether you're perusing floor samples at a lumber warehouse or trying to figure out the flooring type at your own home, this app will help you figure out exactly what you're looking at.

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DIY Floor Installation Or Hire A Pro?

Posted by Lauren Nichols on Oct 25, 2017 1:19:48 PM

So, you are thinking about tackling your first DIY home improvement project and you are starting with the floor.  Well, the floor is an excellent place to start since you can build the rest of your decor from the ground up.  Even if you only plan to do the floor it will add beauty, warmth and value to your home.  

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Topics: Installing Flooring, DIY Flooring