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REPEL Water Resistant Laminate | HighTech Flooring

Posted by Lauren Nichols on Dec 6, 2017 11:09:56 AM
Lauren Nichols

REPEL Laminate flooring is 3 times more water resistant than other laminates. Most laminates are water resistant but not to the level of REPEL. Shaw Flooring has developed new technology that increase the water resistance of their REPEL laminate line of flooring. This is great news and even better, Shaw has used its years of design experience to create a high end designer laminate flooring that as a very realistic hardwood look. Now you can have a great looking floor and you get extra time to clean up after life's little accidents. 

Water cleaner on the other side.jpg 

Laminate flooring has at times gotten a bad wrap as looking too uniform and not comparable to hardwood. Those days are gone, sure you can get some cheap laminate with a thin wear layer and very few characteristic looks of real wood. There is a big difference in what looks like a plastic "fake wood floor" and that of designer worthy laminate. 


Progressive Laminate

Improved water resistance of REPEL is just one of the advances that has made laminate more desirable. Now laminate is available in wider and longer planks which increases the look a feel of hardwood flooring. Designers love the new choices in color, surfaces and wood species. REPEL comes in an array of colors that are characterized by highlights and low lights showing the true natural variations of the wood species. New surfaces like the antiqued hand scraped look of Iconic Brown or the elegance of Midnight Hickory (my favorite) are stylish additions in both color and surface. Wire Brushed is a great look as well, especially in warm Cabana Brown. You can have a very sophisticated upscale look or get more down to earth with the look of weathered reclaimed wood with Outpost Grey (my other favorite). Whether you are looking for unique style, cozy cottage or modern nest, you can find it in REPEL water resistant laminate. 


REPEL Laminate For Flipping or Remodeling

Is laminate a good choice for flipping a home? You bet! If you are a "flipping" beginner, you will especially be pleased with how easily you can add value and beauty to a home that you plan to sell.  Heck, even professionals say that laminate is a great choice for homes you plan to sell in the 200,000 to 500,000 range. Of course if the home already has hardwood floors, you probably just want to get them refinished but there are good reasons to use laminate in remodeling or flipping a house.

  • See gorgeous flooring in above links
  • Laminate is easy to install / floating floor no glue, no fuss, no muss
  • Laminate can be installed over other flooring except carpet
  • Home is in an area where the humidity of the indoor environment is hard to control
  • Repel laminate is Kid and Pet Friendly
  • Your budget does not allow for hardwood or other expensive flooring
  • Repel Laminate can be Installed above, on or below grade with the proper vapor barrier
  • A great choice for extended flooring like kitchen through living area
  • Laminate is durable, in many ways more durable than wood
  • Easy to clean (especially REPEL) dust mop/damp mop
  • Laminate is easy to remove and replace for a remodel

REPEL laminate is all of the above and because laminate is more forgiving than hardwood, your fish bowl is more likely to bounce than break, making clean up of life's little accidents even easier. Let your inner designer loose, get the look you want with REPEL laminate!















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